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Yours Must be like a rocket now !! But not sure the 530 would be great to live with everyday.

Out of curiosity was your upgrade more cost effective than the KT’s listed 490 upgrade of €15,900 using the edelbrock charger 

Also what made you choose the TVS charger over the Edelbrock as final power / torque appears the same l


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I stopped reading 0-60 times about the same time as I stopped reading Max Power.

My car is currently with Komotec. They are fitting the TVS1900 charge cooled supercharger for me with Komotec front radiator, pipes etc from their regular kits. I already have Zircotec coated 2bular m

I am guessing it’s expensive but wow that’s literally a rocket ship. interesting they say it’s capable of more but this is the starting point!  Makes you wonder if lotus have messed up not d

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It is definitely quick when running flat out, that's for sure.  Cost is impossible to compare give all the other work that I have had done, but it's similar ballpark.  You can see all the costs on the SSC/Hofmanns websites for the standard TVS1900 kit.

I went for the TVS1900 kit over the Edelbrock kit for the following reasons:

1. I like the fact that the TVS1900 kit was specially developed for this application.  I think the attention to detail and (inverted) design of the system is great.

2. I like the fact that the TVS1900 kit is from Harrop, who are the OEM supplier for the original Exige V6 and for my 350.  I used to live in Melbourne so have a silly sentimental attachment to a product from my old home town.

3. I like the fact that it has been tried and tested by a lot of owners Down Under in tough conditions with very good results.

4. I like how monstrous the kit looks in the engine bay.

5. I like the fact that it is future-proofed for even more power if/when I want to do forged internals.  The KT530 uses a methanol injection system to get its extra power, but that wouldn't be needed with the TVS1900.

6. While I appreciate that there are arguments either way about this (and mostly by people who don't really understand - which certainly includes me!), I am inclined to believe that the most efficient and safe option for getting big power is a larger charger - obviously without going so big that the parasitic loss becomes a significant factor. Everything I have read suggests that the TVS1900 with a 81mm pulley is spinning in its sweet spot here - and its sweet spot is larger than that of the Edelbrock.

7. Probably the single biggest reason for me is that if I wanted the Edelbrock kit, I would have bought a factory 410/430 car.  I want mine to be different (and, I like to think, better) than the OEM alternative.  This is the general philosophy I have applied throughout my build (eg Ohlins over Nitrons).

This is obviously all personal preference.  Mine is still a work in progress - the low speed mapping is still causing me issues (nothing to do with the kit itself) - but I absolutely love the TVS1900 kit and wouldn't have gone for the Edelbrock if I were to do it again.




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It is all personal and getting the car right as you want is all important.

No doubt taking a 350 Sport as a base gives you far more scope than an out of the box 410/430. Although you do particularly with a Cup 430 get all the track bits you want, an LSD would have been nice as well.

Interesting to know what weight you are now !

One other point that I may have missed somewhere is why Hoffman’s didn’t fit it and presumably KT are happy to fit it rather than their personal choice of Edelbrock

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I wanted a combination of KT and Harrop parts, with custom ECU Master Black tuning - so Komotec was the only place to go.

I have an LSD fitted already and it's great - the fact that the 410/430 cars don't have one is one of the reasons why I didn't buy an new 410/430.  That and the tiny fuel tank!

No idea exactly what weight I'm at given that some of my mods have reduced weight while others have increased weight, but fundamentally this is a very lightweight car.  Now it has a lot of power too.  That makes it bloody quick! 

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