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The passenger door on my Exige is well adjusted and closes with ease.  The driver's door is lower and hits the striker pin and has to be had driven to close.  How can I adjust it so that it is aligned like the passenger? 

Thanks in advance,


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I think that it is more to do with the door hinge than the striker pin.  If I lower it then the door might out of square.  Maybe the door hinge bearing is worn and needs to be refreshed.


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How old is the car? Unless you have a lot of miles I would be surprised if the bushings are worn already?


Guidance for door adjustment: 

The door shell is bolted to a hollow section extruded aluminium alloy door beam, hinged at the front end to the ’A’ post, and carrying the door latch mechanism, via steel brackets, at its rear end. The front end of the door beam is welded to a second extrusion which forms the rotor of the door hinge. The hinge stator (or hinge bracket) is bolted to an outrigger on the chassis, and incorporates two cylindrical bearing housings fitted with maintenance free pivot bushes.

Door hinge adjustments

In order to provide for adjustment of door shutlines, the door hinge may be adjusted in two ways:

i) Height of the hinge, its fore/aft position, and the pivot axis angle (to control the front/rear height alignment)may be adjusted after slackening the hinge bracket fixing bolts. The tapping plates for these bolts are linked in vertical pairs and are captive, but loose, within the chassis outrigger, and allow for some vertical movement. Horizontally slotted fixing holes in the hinge bracket allow for fore/aft movement.

ii) Slotted shim plates fitted between the hinge bracket and chassis, allow the in/out door front edge alignment to be adjusted in steps of 1 mm, and by varying the shim pack at the top and bottom pairs of fixings, the vertical alignment, as viewed from the front, may be adjusted.

Ensure that the clamping load of the hinge bracket to the chassis is not corrupted by the shim plates bearing against the body. If the surrounding body stands proud of the chassis door hinge outrigger, use a suitably cut down shim plate to act as a spacer between the chassis and the adjustment shim pack or hinge bracket.

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