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S2 Jps Restoration Process

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I'm sooooo envious. We had another s...load of snow this morning and my gearbox needs some TLC, so I won't see the car on the road for at least 1,5 months.

Enjoy yourself :lol:


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"If it isn't leaking, it's empty" - Comment from a British sportscar enthusiast after being made aware of an oil slick under his car

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Hi There!!!

I had a problem with the fuel indicator, and just found that the fuel level sensor is in so bad condition that it doesn't work!!!! (see pics)

Where I can find one? Apart from the usuals (Steve from SJS wich lately is not really interested in selling anything at all!!!)

Thank you very much!!!!!!




Lotus Exige S2

Lotus Esprit S2 JPS #27 -restoration process-

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Hi Franky,

if you want a new one check on Ebay also, there was one few time ago, anyway, I have a used one, nearly new, from my car. I have bought a new one, so if you are interested I will send it to you free, just let me know your address.



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Hi all!!!

It's been a while since my last post here!

I have to say I've been enjoying the car every day I drive it, wich actually is quite a lot!

Now that mechanically works great, I want to repaint it, and I'm looking for a full set of the JPS decals all around the car, including the gold stripes with the "world champion" on the door panels...

Also still looking for a good pair of door mirrors, so I will have the car in "perfect" condition...

Anyone can help me out wi this?

Also for you to enjoy...

Last month I did a photoshooting for a german magazine (Abgefahren Magazin), they came to bcn and made a nice shots of the car wich will be seen on the January issue...

Here you can see the "making off" ...enjoy ;-)


Lotus Exige S2

Lotus Esprit S2 JPS #27 -restoration process-

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Very smart!

Rob Crooks had his JPS painted by Surface & Design and they remade the decals from scratch, perhaps they kept the patterns?

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Evora NA

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Thank you guys!!!

Regarding the Paint codes, I found this

I guess the black is not metallic so this one

A02 Black ICI P420122 A089B6151V

+ Clear

But there are few GOLDS and I don't know wich one is the right one for the wheels:

A04 Gold ICI P4229638 A076B6071

A20 Gold Sikkens F158979

A25 New Gold ICI P422062BB A089B6110V

A36 New Gold ICI P4217221 A089B6110V + Clear

A43 Gold (Oyster) ICI P4215888


Lotus Exige S2

Lotus Esprit S2 JPS #27 -restoration process-

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Car looking great Franky !

You should find the paint code on your VIN plate, my 1982 S3 paint code is L15 (L15 Black Gloss ICI P030122 - Pinchin - B036B6424S Lotus touch up parts no - A036B6397V.

It appears also to be the share the same code B036B6424S as A02.

Not sure on the gold colour, perhaps if you email Andy Graham '', Technical Publications and Archives at Lotus, he may be able to assist in confirming the colours?

I came across this on and the L15 is listed here; its a nitro-cellulose paint. A02 is a two pack acrylic polyurethane.

I am looking to do a bit chip repairs myself and wasnt 100% sure if L15 and A02 are indeed the same colour. Im sure someone on here will know the answer.

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hello my friend, im from argentina, recently i started to restoration process on my Esprit JPS number 20, 

can you helpme? this cars was brokked 30 years a go, bad restoration on it, so I started again, 

i have , i think all parts, but is completed desasembled... i need start like a factory... 

can you helpme with photos? 

i need at this time start with electric wiring process, i have brand new instalation, but i dont have idea where wiring go , inside the car.... from engine to inside..... can you helpme?

thank you



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On 2/25/2010 at 05:11, Franky said:

Also have some problems with handbrake, as rear calippers are new but handbrake does not work (mechanism works fine, but calippers don't react to it)

Sorry but I'm late to the party on this one. If the handbrake mechanism in the rear calipers is frozen, soak it for 2-3 days in homemade penetrating fluid, a 50/50 mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid. Take it out 1-2 times a day and move the actuator as much as you can. I've brought four calipers back from the dead this way.

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