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Anyone still running PZero's?

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I need 2 new rears and will be switching from OEM to Michelin Pilots, but I have a couple of options as far as I can see given the 18/19 wheels that I have on my NA and would be grateful for any feed back on these:

Has anybody gone from 255/35/19 to 275/35/19 - I have seen the previous thread but I don't think anybody said they have done it on an NA. It would protect the rims a bit more from stone chips, look a bit better, but will it be detrimental to the handling at all.  Guess it would add some noise to. I don't want to upset the delicate handling balance the car currently has. Any direct experience of this swap would help.

Secondly, I'm trying to decide on which combo to go with front and rear:

PS4 all round or  PS4S rear and  either PS4 or PSS front - if anybody has experience of swapping between these 2/3 combos that would be great.

Car does about 4k per year, is not a DD and does 1 or 2 track days.

Cheers all - just hit 30k miles yesterday, had it nearly 8 years and going like a dream - so want to get theory choice right!



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I've not run various combinations, I just went from PZeros all round to PS4 all round.

Main observations:

  • Better dry drip (higher limits)
  • Significantly better wet weather grip
  • Quieter ride
  • I have had some low speed understeer on roundabouts when under power - not sure if that's the car's bias, my inability to unstick the rears (grip is immense!) or a trait of the tyre

I am fast road use only, so my observations are not based from on-the-limit handling

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Michelin PS4 and PS4S both have extra protection for the rims.  The Super sport I’m running on the rears at the moment have less protection.

Ive switched to SS from PS4 as I’m hoping they cope better on track days.  But so far with the used PS4 on the front the balance seems fine on the road driving I’ve done so far.  Hoping to squeeze in a track day soon.  PS4 were fine for track but overheated after 15/20mins.  Great on the road same findings as Dean says above .

For such a low use car I’d consider the cup2.  If it’s fair weather car then why not?  Can’t see many downsides for your usage 

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2 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

PS4S rear & PSS front is the recommendation from the resident tyre expert, @rallyesax.

I didn't try it myself as im 19/20" but that's what I would go for and test if I was in 18/19". Some people here on the forum went for it and it seems to work quite well. 

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I did consider changing sizes - especially on the rear, purely for looks as I dislike the "stretch" on the rear that the 255's have.

I don't see why going to a larger size would cause issues, as that's what they run on the same width 19/20 wheels...but...I figured Lotus must have done it for a reason so I decided to just stick with the OEM option in the end.

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On ‎14‎/‎08‎/‎2019 at 19:23, rallyesax said:

Some people here on the forum went for it and it seems to work quite well. 

I wouldn't say 'quite' well, @rallyesax , I'd say the PS4S/PSS combo is brilliant! My car corners so well now I'm sure it could distort space and time, :thumbup: .

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