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Not sure where it came from. But it probably is. The only thing Hedge End said was that the original owner had it put on.

You've intrigued me know. Does anyone know if there any way I could tell where it came from ??

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Welcome Andrew - I believe this is the Win Ace bumper...


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Evora NA

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Yes it did come with the plate. And I suppose it would better suit somebody with a Reliant Scimitar 😁. The plate was not the only misrepresentation on the car as I  removed a 'S' badge from the back and Black and Gold lotus bonnet emblem from the front. You can just make them out on the pictures I took when I first went to see it.IMG_20180307_174039.thumb.jpg.a916baeb19801420d696fbf2fcc2ffe0.jpgIMG_20180307_174027.thumb.jpg.f9fd8f7f2450887fdcff7ee6199d10a2.jpg

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  • Gold FFM

Lovely colour though and the front end looks very nice.

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Welcome to TLF Andrew. :welcome:

Lovely looking car. And you apologised for the backdrop further up. Was there one? I couldn't see it for the gorgeous Evora.

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