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Rear Hub Dimensions

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Hi Andy,

Not to make one, but to see if a hub is out there in 5x114.3 where bearing size and /or spline dimensions are in the ballpark. I doubt Lotus built their own CV joint and the bearing is readily available.

Thanks, Lee

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Well, part of the rear "hub" is part of the bearing which is a Renault front wheel bearing (since the Renault transaxle is used for Front Wheel Drive in its native vehicles). The wheel bolt flange part is likely specific to Lotus.

The output shafts are Renault and the outer ends must (see bearing comment above) be the same outer dimension as a Renault splines or likely are Renault, so it's quite likely that Lotus used either standard Renault items off-the-shelf drive shafts, or a modified length version of something off-the-shelf.

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I found a 4x100, 23 spline hub with the boss that fits into the 40mm ID bearing that Andy mentioned:                           

The goal is to have a plug-and-play hub in 4x100 to use the same size wheel.

Can anyone verify the Lotus rear hub has 23 splines and is 40mm OD where it fits inside the bearing? I'm ready to buy these once I am certain.

Thanks again,


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The 4x100 hub and stock renault bearing fits perfectly, so the rear solution will work.

Now I need the distance between inner and outer front wheel bearing races in the stock Lotus / Toyota front hub.

Does anyone have one off the car that you could measure for me? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Lee

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