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Pedal Box Brake Switch

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Would somebody please help me out with my brake light switch problem on my S2.

I've taken the switch out of the top of the pedal box and tested it and it works correctly. I've screwed it back in as far as it goes but still no brake lights when the pedal is pushed.

Maybe there's a bolt that determines pedal travel and needs adjusting.

Can someone explain (and a scan of the parts manual would be awesome) how to fix this problem.

I've attached a photo (if I got it to work) looking up the brake pedal. The silver bolt is a bit suspect with that nut so close to the head (just below the green wires), but I don't know if that's the problem for the light switch.

There's also a picture at the top of the pedals showing the switch in and connected. Also shows that bolt at the front.




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Thanks for the suggestion. (normally open switch...of course)

But, after connecting the two wires, the lights do illuminate. The switch is not being closed by the brake pedal for some reason.

Did you know anything about that bolt in the picture which has the nut close to the head. Without seeing the internals behind that bolt (via a parts diagram), I'm not sure how adjusting that bolt will affect/rectify my problem. I could just give it a go (thinking out loud). :huh:

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unscew the brake light switch a turn it does not need to be all the way in when brake switch is screwed up tight plunger on switch can not work just keep unscewing it untill brake lights work

Perfect. :lol: Thanks very much for that Paul. :huh: Gonna have to keep an eye on it in future.

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Had exactly the same on mine. The switch should NOT be screwed in all the way. Trial and error, screw it in all the way then back out a turn at a time until the pedal operates the lights correctly. There should be then a lock nut that tightens down to lock the switch in place.




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