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Komotec for Lotus Elise 1zz

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Good day everyone,

I've been saving up and working hard the last couple of years and am now in a position where I can purchase one of my dream cars. 

However, the Lotus Elise's in my country that are available (those that are on the market at least), are the S2 Lotus Elise S (134BHP 1zz-fe) and the S3 Lotus Elise Club Racer (134BHP 1zz-fe). I personally would like the car to be faster. Based on what I've read the amount of research google has allowed me, I understand that there is a komotec boost kit for the 1zz engine. Boosting it to about 190ish BHP. I just have a few questions. Will fitting it wreck the engine in the long term? Anyone here with it fitted care to give some insights? Thanks a lot!


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Drive a club racer first. You can't look at bhp only on a lotus especially on something as light as a club racer. Drive it!

hindsight: the science that is never wrong

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Came across this on Google after looking at 1ZZ-FE info. You can get very more power from a 1ZZ Elise by fitting the head off a Mk3 MR2 (1ZZ-FED).

The inlet valves are 1mm larger and the ports correspondingly different. Although stock bhp of both cars is 134 and 140, the MR2 uses a restrictive dual cat system in the manifold.


It has to be an MR2 (or Celica) as the Avensis, Corolla etc 1ZZ uses same head as Elise.

Although I also did a service at the same time, my 2008 S with a 2005 MR2 head on it jumped from 136 to 146 bhp. Particularly noticeable amount of extra power over 4000rpm.

With exhaust and I intake mods this is a (160bhp) setup akthough got the head done first.

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