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Long time lurker and new user.

I have 410 which I love but looking to improve in a few ways. Looking at a Garw dash but worried about mileage and tracking of this.

If I get a Garw I plan to document the mileage at removal and set but I am worried that people may think I am clocking the car. Is the mileage stored in the cluster and ECU or just the cluster?

If in the ECU and cluster if I do sell ever in theory I could go to the dealer and get a print out from the ECU to verify the mileage still matches with the Garw cluster. Is that possible? Or like some cars is the mileage only stored in the cluster and the engine hours in the ECU. In which case if will be harder for me to verify come sell time?



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Good question, I had a quick Google but couldn’t find the answer conclusively. I have been lined up to order one also (would have done the same as you ref mileage tie up).  @GFWilliams has one and may know the answer for you.

However I note Lotus void the warranty according to the booklet / a dealer.

Given this not sure I want to risk it myself as I have 15 months left on warranty guessing you have a good chunk left also.

Heaven forbid a gearbox or engine issue being rejected just because you swapped out the cluster. It’s nice ..... but not that nice. Out of warranty I wouldn’t hesitate.

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When you get the Garw, you set your mileage - if you ever change it, it's logged and can be seen in the settings.

I do enough miles in mine that no one would think I'd clocked it!  Plus I never intend to sell it, so not really an issue for me.

I can't comment on warranty, but it's a half an hour job to swap it out, you could always put it back in.

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Thanks @rafphillips

Yeah I suspected that also about warranty but if the worst happened was planning to just swap back over for any warranty work. It’s only 20 miles to my dealer. So even 5 visits would be less than 100 miles difference if I had to refit. But it’s a nagging concern about Lotus thinking I am up to no good / using it as a get out should the worst happen.

Thanks @GFWilliams that’s really useful info ref the tracking of mileage - helps with an audit trail etc and atleast someone knows I can’t fiddle the Garw miles once I have aligned with original cluster.

I do so few miles wouldn’t be worth the hassle clocking a car for me anyway. Less than 1500 miles a year, sad but true.

My only nagging concern now then even with a clear audit trail on mileage for a new owner is the one @rafphillips points out. In that if the ECU registers the miles as well as cluster and I did that it would look like I was up to no good. Be it only small discrepancies of how ever many dealer visits in 20 mile increments per visit.

I’ve read in some places that it’s just registered in the cluster. But then in other places ECU and cluster. 

Ps just looked at your site and great pics. They want me want a Garw dash even more now!!

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