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If any of you guys fancy doing a proper session of pilates or yoga and suffering for it for the next two days, then I suggest you buy a set of DBW Pedals and try fitting the buggers!

I think I may have cracked a rib after rolling around on the sills, doing a very convincing impression of a beached whale. I pity anyone who happened to walk by and heard the language.

But they’re fitted and no, I haven’t tried them yet...just waiting for the pain to subside a bit first :)




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I bought these when I first got my car but haven't fitted them yet. Would be curious if they're worth installing, it was kind of an impulse buy because I thought I would have an issue heel and toeing.

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On 06/05/2019 at 09:22, andy tims said:

Look good.

Can I ask where you bought them please?

You can get them here.....

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