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Cigar Lighter Identification

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Hi Chaps,

I have been given some cigar lighters by and Ex-Lotus Engineer who thinks they are original early Esprit fitment but can't remember exactly. Can anyone confirm from the photos? The markings say MADE IN GERMANY 12V GEPRÜFT

My S2 has an aftermarket one fitted so I can't compare. I only have the lighters, not the housing but if anyone needs one they might be for sale.







Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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Here’s mine from an ‘82 Turbo - look to be the same. If you’ve got any spare I’ll take one off you if you let me know how much as the paint has rubbed off a bit on the drivers one




On closer inspection the writing on the side is different - Geproft is written on mine. Look to be the same to me though.


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If anyones desperate for a lighter and would consider a 'dummy' one that doesn't work, or actually wants a concealed pill box (if we have any drug traffickers on here perhaps ! ) these are for sale on eBay. Look a bit similar.

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Hi Pete - Do you happen to have one of those cigar lighters available still? It's an exact match for the one in my '89 Esprit Turbo (non-SE). See pic. I've been driving around with one missing ever since I bought it.

Thanks in advance - Steve.


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