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Snetterton - July 30th

Gordon S

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3 hours ago, Gordon S said:

I’m also up for a group of us heading somewhere. My suggestion is Snetterton. Awesome circuit, good mix of high and low speed. 

I’d be up for this, and agree re Snetterton. It’s a great track!

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5 minutes ago, BatMobile said:

Yeah it’s a night before journey for me too. 

Any hotels ppl recommend? 

Let’s agree possible date first lol

Theres a semi decent Premier Inn nearby from memory

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25 minutes ago, BatMobile said:

Ok let’s aim for July 30th.


So far we have:




Who else is coming?

@Stuart Monument 



@Ali tuck


Oh go on then!and I’ll share your pro😉erm I mean coach

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Also booked and got a garage which I’m happy to share.

lets see how many want tuition then I’ll sort if everyone’s happy with the pros. 😉

Most likely be David Pittard and jack layton if they are available; I’ve asked how many they can split between each. 

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Will check the work diary but think this will be ok. If you want to hire a instructor I would recommend Shawn Taylor who is local. He use to work at The Lotus Driving Academy and has racer an awful lot to. He is based in Norwich. I used him for a day when I did my ARDS test. 

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Yep, I’d like to share an instructor. To be honest, each of the guys you’ve all mentioned sound excellent so I don’t mind who I share with. 

Can you remind me of the likely cost?

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Ok so far there are 4 of us who want instruction.

ali tuck




they say two ideally per instructor so we would need two pros.

it will be between £175-£200 each for half a day paid direct to them.


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Morning guys. I've been away all weekend competing in the Brighton and Hove sprint at Goodwood and unable to access my account here. Unfortunately I cannot make the 30th July as I'm at the LOT Bilsterberg and Spa trackdays on July 27th and 29th respectively, travelling home on the 30th. 

I also enjoy Snetterton, so sorry to miss it. However, please keep me in the loop for future gatherings. Enjoy the day.

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