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Fuel pump problems 85 turbo


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Hi Steve I have just had a brand new Sytec pump fail! It makes a rattle noise when shook. The fuel system is spotless. It makes a huming noise, was very loud and vibrated a lot in use. It got very hot in operation. If I had to guess I would say the output preesure and flow is too high. I have ordered a different type and will try again with an inline filter. I may well take the pump apart to see why it failed! Frustrating it cost £100 and lasted a few starts! 

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Yep. I ordered a new one from SimonBBC on ebay. Im starting to think many new parts are not suitable for the claimed application. Im fitting an inline filter before the pump. Trouble is inside the pump is spotless so that wasn't the cause of failure.

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Just finished reading this thread, and am waiting with bated breath to hear the outcome. Any updates on this topic? 




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On my 85 turbo after the original pump packed up I had another 2 in quick succession before a third that was still ok when I sold the car

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