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Black 1991 Carlton


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Spotted in the car park at Cost-Co, Reading, Sunday 17th June @ 3.10pm.

Apologies Bibs if Carltons are not supposed to be included here. I can't remember the last time I saw one, other than at a Lotus event. It was in lovely condition!

Just because you can, does'nt mean you should.

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I think Carltons can be allowed to join in here* but I'm going to don my anorak and exclaim that they're green! Although, the green does have a blue flip when it's sunny and looks almost black the rest of the time - so you're excused.....this time! ;)

*I used to own one ;)

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Paul....I tracked mine at Castle Combe a few years ago. I drove it like a complete numpty cos it was such a barge compared to the Esprit I was brakeing all wrong and missing apexes etc. Still lapped 5secs quicker than I can do it in the Esprit when I'm right on it. It was 30MPH quicker by the approach to Quarry ;) which was a tad frightening. I cooked the brakes in 6 laps and warped my AP competition discs - that'll be

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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I use to work on the Lotus Carltons/Omega's. I worked for a small firm in the village of Barnham Broom, not far from Lotus. We had the contract to paint all the panels that went on the Carltons/Omega's, bumpers, spoilers, door panels, wheelarches, bonnet grills, everything added. We did every car, the panels were made by Dove, a company in Dereham, Norfolk. They were shipped over to us, painted, then sent to Lotus. We also use to paint all the bumpers for the last Elans, but that contract got pulled when Lotus fell on hard times for a period.

They use to send us loads of odd jobs to paint, you may have gathered our primary roll as a firm was paintwork! :hope: Although my job was restoration, restored an Aston DB5, DB4 and Ferrari 512BB while I was there. I worked on some of the last Lotus F1 cars, repaired them and prepped for painting. Also we had this odd car come over to be painted, some guy paid Lotus a million to design and build him a one off car, so they did, ugly looking thing though! :rofl:

We had to repair paintwork on one of the Lotus demo cars once. It was the green Lotus Esprit SE, it was being shipped to France for Stirling Moss to test drive the car and the front had to have all the stone chips done, so we got it as a qiuck rush job. I managed to aquire a set of Lotus Carlton bonnet grills while I was there, was going to fit them in my Rover SDi V8, but never did, ended up selling them on EBay. We did hear stories that they once had a Lotus Carton/Omega over 200mph, with four people in it! :hope: They got the people in and then taped the doors up so no air gaps, removed the mirrors, wipers and basically made the car as stream line as possible and I think it was done on a banked test circuit as well. I quite believe it!


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