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AP-2pot caliper bleed nipple leaking...

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I have a problem with bleed nipple leaking - AP-2pot front caliper.

It has started a little bit after first brake fluid change and now after second it was even worse. Bleed process (fluid change) has everytime done properly and carefully and in the end of it nipples was everytime tightened to 17nm (it recommends AP Racing to all AP calipers - you can correct me if I am wrong) but after hard brake using (especially after track lapping) there was really significant leak around the bleed nipples. (Brake fluid was not boiled or cooked)

I have bought new nipples and changed them, it was even worse... - The only thing that helped me was to tighteen bleed nipples more and more - until the nipple was moving. Now there are finally no leaks again, but I am not happy have to tighteen the nipples so much... Old nipples seems to be visually ok without damage...

I have investigated this problem and it was sometimes reported on Lotus webs and forums, but without clear solution or explaining what to do, what to avoid, and why it is doing... (?)

I have some questions especially for owners with track used cars:

Do anybody of you have same problems? How much do you recommend to tighteen the bleed nipples? Do you know about damaging this caliper or nipples during common brake fluid change? If you had some type of this probem, what was your solution?

Thank you very much for info and recommendations


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