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Advice On Selling 1990 Se

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Sadly the pressure of two young children and a lack of garage space has caused me to reconsider the merits of keeping my 1990 SE, trouble is I have no idea where the best place is to advertise such a car OR how much I should be asking for it. It is in excellent condition with a full service history, I have only had trouble with the chargecooler impeller and pipework which has all been replaced. I will clearly advertise in my local area but think for a car like this I may need to consider more national advertising, any advice would be much appreciated. I have attached a recent picture of the car for info


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For Sale area of LEW would be a good place to start. Should give you some idea as to value too.

What's the mileage? Bit more info. on car's internal and external condition would be very helpful for price guidance. Condition of leather, paintwork etc etc

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Your right, I should have provided more detail. The car has had two owners from new, I have had the car for the last 6ish years, it had 36k miles on the clock when I bought it, it now has 42k! The external condition is excellent with the exception of a couple of stone chips and a small patch of rust on both of the door window frames (common issue I suspect) but certainly nothing that a few quid wouldn't put right. The interior is in good condition, I wouldn't say excellent i.e. like new but in generally I would say good or better. I spent a long time cleaning up the inside when I bought it and paid a lot of attention to cleaning and treating the leather. The engine and electrics are in excellent condition, as per the original post, the chargecooler tank has been replaced along with the pipework to the radiator, I carried this out a couple of months ago. It has 12 months MOT during which time I replaced all the brake pads. The previous owner and myself kept the car in a garage throughout its life so all in all its a pretty good example. I am really sad that the time has come to sell it but family pressures leave me with little choice. I will take a look at the for sale area, thanks.

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That's sad news, Rob. I hope you get a good price and not too many tyre kickers. Sometimes you've gotta do what's right for the family.

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If I was in the market to buy an Esprit right now, I'd definitely consider yours, it looks great (especially in black), and looking at the LEW addy it's sensibly priced too, you could maybe even ask a little more, say

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Thanks Tim, have had interest from a couple of guys that had connections in Nigeria as per the scams advised on the LEW site :beer: am still advertising in local rags etc. so fingers crossed! You never know if this drags on I may just use that as a damn good excuse to keep it :wallbash:

Dear RobB,

A STRONG WARNING from my side for "GUYS WITH CONNECTIONS IN NIGERIA" that are interested to purchase your car etc.......................

These criminal organisations are famous (at least in the Netherlands) for very clever financial constructions (not only limited to cars and motorcycles) of which you mean to be absolutely sure that you own the purchasesum on your bankaccount; but in the end they have ripped your car free of charge.

Be very carefull; the US, UK and the Netherlands work together to fight these criminal gangs...........

Best regards,


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