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Hard top spare piece

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I am driving to Scotland tomorrow in what promises to be wet and windy and I thought the hard top would be a bit more pleasurable. 

However, I have spare piece of rubber seal, which I’m not sure where it’s come from. It looks to have come from the rear of the panel, as there is some sticky tape there and there is some bare aluminium visible when the roof is in place. 

But for the life in me, I cannot figure out how it fits. Any help gratefully received. 



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It does sit between the hardtop panel and car body at the rear. Tight fit but falls into place fine, I had th same confusion when refitting mine last autumn.

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Mine fell off over the weekend... must have been the heat? Can't really work out which way it goes as neither way around seems to sit nicely, or stick well even with new tape. To add to my annoyance it no longer seals 100% and the passenger side is quite wet now...

Off to dealer on the 11th, so if the weather can hold out maybe they can fix it! 

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Stewart.  Good to hear that you found the drawing useful.  By all accounts, the moulding falling off the roof is not an uncommon occurrence.  The double-sided tape sticks very well to the smooth roof panel, but very poorly to the rubber seal.

The positioning/orientation of the detached seal isn’t at all obvious; the seal, designed for an entirely different application, isn’t intended to be used as Lotus have done.  The channel formed by the flexible steel carrier is designed to be pressed into place over a lip - and is sunsequently held in place on the lip by the backward-pointing rubber ridges/barbs - whereas the creative folks at Lotus have instead elected to “stick” the molding onto the roof panel with double-sided tape.  

With the roof installed, the seal is nominally kept in place by lateral pressure.  Once removed, the adhesive on the tape relaxes its grip on the rubber - and it falls off.

The squeeking you describe is likely the hard contact points at the outboard rear latch points.  Squeeking from these points is again not uncommon - and is relatively easy to fix.  If this is the source, simply stck some felt tape on the inside of the roof before fitting.  Here is a picture of where the felt (green) needs to be placed:




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On 13/06/2019 at 11:19, LotusPilot said:

This might help....



Thank you!

Exactly what I was looking for when I discovered my roof and roof rubber strip in two pieces in the garage. The sticky they use is definitely not summer heat proof and no way I could guess it attached as shown in the diagram (I tried a couple of different ways but none worked!)

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