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Caerbont fuel gauge resistance

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Hi All, 

I'm trying to solve this problem: for the original Caerbont fuel gauge on my Esprit S4s, I need to find a fuel sender that matches its resistance range. 

Originally I bought a new ISSPRO RA9510 fuel sender as a replacement for the old one, but I bought one with a wrong 'signal' (resistance range) by mistake: -ISS, 240 - 33 Ohm (Empty - Full), according to the info here, for example: I couldn't get it to work, trying all possible connection combinations (and while at that, checked the wiring to be OK). I even suspected the fuel gauge to be faulty and replaced with a new one - same Caerbont unit at the old one. As the resistance range of the fuel gauge must match that of the fuel sender, I need to find out what the range for this Caerbont fuel gauge is. Can anybody please tell for sure? 

I just heard on Turbo Esprit list that it may be (in fact for all Caerbont gauges) 340 - 30 Ohm (Empty - Full), but I'd still like to verify that. This range doesn't seem to be available at though. Another suspect is -EURO version: 10 - 180 Ohm (Empty - Full). 

Please kindly advise, thanks very much. 


'95 Esprit S4s

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In the FAQ section on the CAI website it states that their fuel gauges follow the European standard of 10 ohms at empty and 180 ohms at full. If you want to be sure ask them what the sender range your gauge is designed for. The '95 onwards S4 / S4S gauge A082N4033F has the CAI part number PFC1-1151-10B.

Whilst it is for an SE, there is a bit more information in this post too


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Thanks very much for your advice. I already inquired at CIA, will see which range they will confirm (I hope it's 10 - 180 Ohms, Empty to Full as you indicated). I couldn't find that S4s gauge by the CIA part # on their website though. 

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