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Baro and map on S4

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with the right conversions they should be (almost due to tolerances etc) the same.

The freescan values you posted look correct, ie no problem with the sensors.

You can double check with the espritmon  software, it will give you the right (correct conversions) values.

Esprit Freak

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Hi all, as I said before Baro showing 0.840 and Map showing 0.900 as Freek said this is close enough using Freescan,I have not got Espritmon. On the  Freescan sensor diagnostics screen it says in “bar “and above the column “scaled”,I have tried but I have no idea how atmospheric pressure gives 0.84 and 2.24 equates to 1.1bar.

My actual problem is that ,ignition on, engine stopped,first thing in the morning when the map and baro should both be recording the same atmospheric pressure .According to various EMH manual sources when reading the same pressure, the baro volts should read twice the map volts.My baro reads 2.25 volts and my map 2.35 volts from the Freescan diagnostics screen.Have I a problem or is that screen information incorrect in Freescan.Thanks for any help.

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