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S4 throttle cable

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Hi all, if I remove the chargecooler can I disconnect the throttle cable from it’s abutment and put it back. I have previously  removed the jacking capsule but not it’s lever ,the way the cable is fixed is not clear and hard to get at. I want to inspect the engine end of the cable and put oil down it. The engine is suddenly not dropping to idle revs when I take my foot off.Thanks for any help

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Be careful, it is easy to break the throttle cable adjuster thread.

The throttle can be sticking for several reasons.

The cable sticking in the sheath.

The cable sheath sticking/pinched in the guide tube where it goes through the bulkhead.

The cable where it comes out at the throttle pedal, there's a clamp there that can pinch the cable in the sheath.

Or it could be that the engine growth with heat is pulling on the cable. I have found it is necessary to set the cable a little slack when the engine is hot, while still being able to get 0-100% in freescan, and while making sure the base TPS voltage is between .45-.65V in freescan.




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Thanks Travis,this has just happened and I want to oil the cable as I haven’t done it in 25 years of owning this esprit.Freescan was showing 0 to 100% 3 days ago and I will trouble shoot along the whole length of the cable. Thanks for the photos but how do I get that “peg” out when the throttle jack lever in the way.

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With the throttle fully open (manually), there is enough slack in the cable to rotate the end away from the guide so you can slide the peg sideways out of the holes. Putting it back will take some effort, just be patient. While you're in there, take off the throttle jack lever as well.


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