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Noise and Speed cameras coming

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Looks like UK will be bring these combined camera / sound senescing devices into certain trial areas in country ?

whilst there’s a load of cars motorbikes that have stupid exhaust or lack of I would have thought bigger priority was vehicles which belch out smoke was better use of public money ?   

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I'm sure most buses are noisier than cars! Can't see this being practical to implement.

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I saw this from the RAC. Being justified under cars being modified to be noisy. Was wondering what an Evora 400 at full chat would register?  Could bring a load of financial liability claims against Lotus if they trigger fines. 

Blessed with the competence to be a slave to the incapable.

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I am not sure how accurate the technology could be ? The article talks about its use in Canada and a few other countries but as noise is a measurement that can influence by background factors it’s not clear how accurate such a device would really be in real world ? 

Theres an assumption on the device that speed = noise which when we hear those farty scooters which sound awful but are going at 15mph would these camera work independently ? 

I guess in the future world of silent electric cars noise levels of the traditionalist will be frowned upon ?

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The valve on my Evora's 2bular exhaust is stuck in the open position, and it's also running a CAI, so I guess I'll be going down for life without parole, :rolleyes: .

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So how are they going to distinguish between which car is making the noise?

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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I must add as part of my job I have had to use noise measurement equipment to investigate noise nuisance compliant 

the reading were erratic and never fully conclusive also the noise of the compliant was subjective 

when you try to use it as a definitive measure in terms of absolute breech in case of specifics level exceeded the tech has to be spot on with a small margin of error ? Not sure if they can get that right like others have said how to exclude other background factors to pinpoint an individual car is huge task to get correct! 

Much better to bring back teams that’s pull over random or targeted vehicles on the roadside to carry out checks of noise , emissions , documents , tachometer etc 

however this is labour intensive and will lack the central government funding

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To save money on huge new infrastructure costs, tackling this new crimewave sweeping the country will be the responsibility of an elite new Government department called the Noise Police. Recruits will receive expert audio training to enable them to tell the difference between standard and after-market induction and exhaust systems. These gifted individuals will then each be issued with a Hi-Viz jacket and a cassette recorder and told to stand next to speed cameras in known hot-spot areas of high Daily Mail circulation. It will be entirely self-funding on a commission-only no appeal basis.

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Well I may be late to the party on finding out about these sound cameras on UK roads but God its annoying. I totally understand idiots in beemers with there engine/exhaust destroying crackle maps being a problem in built up areas. 

So my question is what is everyone going to do with there modded exhausts now, I just downloaded a db app and on cold start up mine is 100-110db. OK when warm and out on a road it will decrease a little but I need to try it. 

Would be better if they installed them and made them active at say 7pm till 8am etc. 

They have been around in Kensington for 2 years but fining a Arab in a lambo is like me going to the shop for a 1p chew in the 80s 😂😂 they don't care.


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