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Last trackday I had some trouble with my gearbox n my Exige V6. It a mechanical gearbox and my car has 15000km.

When I was full throttle in fifth gear in the straight line of Dijon,  around 5500-6000 rpm, my gear went out and it went on neutral.

When I realized what happened I put the fith gear again and it went out again... it only happened with the fifth and when I was full throttle.

I don't have any scratching noise or difficulty to put all the gears. When I came back by the highway, no problem with the fifth gear.

I don't have any idea of what happened... is it the gearbox linkage, or the gearbox oil (OEM oil for the moment), or is it the fifth "synchro"?

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It doesn't sound like a synchro problem because you say it goes into gear without a problem. My first thought would be to check the cables for adjustment and make sure you are fully engaging 5th gear when you select it. I hope it turns out to be simple.

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