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Gt3 On Axel Stands

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Guest Troy Halliday

Alex just think of BigSi's car on the stands for 3 weeks and the answer should be forth coming :)

But make sure it is securely on the stands and that they are a good set. The ones we borowed from Punky are only

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hi All

Is it wise to leave my GT3 on axel stands fro several days on the drive whilst I send the wheels away to be powdercoated?


No problem @ all to leave them on the stands ! Instead of resting on the wheels, the axles now rest on a stand, just the same imho

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I had mine on the front for a few weeks and the oil in the gearbox and engine started to leak, not much but the oil on the manifold was a bit scarey when it went up in smoke - keep an eye on that.

When I've had my car up I usually do the following.

Front :

Halfords axle stands and wood under the front cross member (in ~1" from the edge, thats where the main section of steel is)

2x scissor jacks (also from Halfords) hand wound up into the body jacking points just to steady and support the car and also 1/2 the load on the chassis

Paper chocks under the body - only if I'm laying riught underneath

Rear :

Jack on rear hoop under the gearbox

2x scissor jacks on the body mounts as before to spread the load.

Paper again as a safety incase.

The additional supports on the body are mainly there for stability - the car is fine on the stands though - the GT2 was up for 6 months.

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Won't be a problem for the car, but if you've got an asphalt drive, make sure you put the stands on some wooden panels to spread the load and avoid them digging in to the ground.

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