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Dean's S3 Refurb - Rear Suspension - Part 1

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Part 1

Last time I posted was end of December and was just starting the rear suspension rebuild. The fact it's taken me 6 months to write this up then is either a measurement of how busy I am or how lazy I am ….fortunately the fragrant and gorgeous Mandy Wright isn't nearby to comment.

Strange to think that what prompted me to start this task was the car was leaning over to the offside and naturally the advice was get the springs replaced.....I know now that I can change the springs fairly quickly without having to disturb the hub pin but back then I thought I would remove the pin given just how much corrosion was present and replace with new. In my efforts I broke the rear offside hub so had to locate one before I could make progress but fortunately managed to obtain one....very rare now. The strip down commenced with the assistance of son George and replacement parts ordered and the top and bottom links out to the powder coaters. You will notice on one of the photos that having broken one hub I wanted to remove the other side with the lower link still attached and get the pin pressed out.

You will see I ordered where required new springs, bushes, bearings, circlips, pins, gaiters, clips, bolts, nuts, spacers, washers.








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