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Dean's S3 Refurb - Engine Out - Part 2

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Really looking forward to getting stuck in.

Man, there has been a lot to do and to be honest I don't want the car out of action for a year and not least because this year after the mechanical refurb I want to retrim the interior and have the car painted. Just look at how much filth and oil is on that chassis. The gearbox and engine the same. So the list of jobs and they seem to multiply by the day are: and most now completed but will add more photos later.

So why all this effort. I want to keep this car and if son George ever has a place to store it at home then it's his....unlikely at the moment as he's on floor 5 in a flat in Sth London.

  • Degrease & clean chassis - done
  • Degrease engine and gearbox - done
  • Replace clutch - done
  • Machine flywheel and pressure plate and refurb springs - done
  • New timing belt - done
  • Replace brake discs - on order
  • Replace pads - later
  • New exhaust part - done
  • Polish & paint other exhaust parts - done
  • New gaskets - done
  • New hoses and clips - done
  • Check and refurbish fuel tanks - done  (in great nick) & new foam pads fitted
  • New clutch spring and adjuster - done
  • Check water pump - done
  • Fill in holes in bodywork - done
  • Remove refurbish and replace offside air intake ear - done
  • Refurbish engine surround - done
  • Refurbish tank shelves - done
  • Repaint engine bay - done
  • Check, clean calipers - to be done
  • New oil, filters, ignition leads and gearbox oil - in stock ready
  • Refurbish coil box - done
  • Shotblast exhaust manifold, repaint and replace studs as required and gaskets - done
  • Repaint engine mounts  - done
  • Powder coat cam covers - done
  • Repair rear valance - ongoing
  • Refurbish airbox and replace clips - done

Probably some other jobs done and other to emerge but this from memory






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Good luck with the restoration Dean,  The list will always get bigger on a restoration,  better to just print off the lotus parts list and then mark what did not need doing lol.

Car looks really nice so its a great starting point.,  what is wrong with the paint,  has the red just faded or micro blistered ? 

Anyway looking forward to your progress and updates.


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Hi Dan..... Frosty.... Thanks for the message. I've got loads of pics to upload as we are well on with this job. So, that paint....not quite faded like a Royal Mail van....damn have you seen how pink those Vauxhalls go? but I guess over the 37 years on original paint it's faded and gone flat ….mainly at the rear so I suppose it must have been parked facing the sun on the rear end.  What is good is very little/almost no crazing so must have built the bodies well. Can't wait until painted but I think that won't be until December. I was determined to do the oily stuff first and that was a good call given the care you would have to take if freshly painted. God that must be the most annoying thing when moving big lumpy oily bits of your car out and having to climb in the bay 10 times a day with the fear that one scuff and failed.

I'm calling my car a refurb because I've seen some of the resto work on here and they are superb, despite it being a refurb I am tackling a lot of work. The thing about doing this work largely myself is that yes it teaches you and you learn new things and how this legend of a car is put together but the main thing is you learn even more about yourself.....a bit of homespun philosophy there.

Also good to get as much work done before the football season starts.


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Sounds great,  Respray should also work out slightly cheaper in the winter months as the body shops are normally less busy that time of year imo.  Yes scuffing fresh paint is always a worry,  but plenty of padding and an old duvet or such like wrapped around the rear end will put your mind and ease from any potential damage !

Calipso red has always been a nightmare in the sun on old esprits and any red car for that matter lol,


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