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Nautilus blue 350s

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Couple of less exciting bits have got done in the lockdown. First I decided I wanted to give the suspension some extra protection as the weather conditions are poor at the moment. I got the car up on a jack removed the wheels cleaned the wheel arches and then applied acf-50 to all the shiny metal bits to give it some protection. I wanted to apply C5 wheel armour to the wheels but couldn't get any anytime soon so resorted to some autoglym sealant.

Next up was utilising the DAB feature on my Pioneer stereo which I haven't been able to do up until this point. For this I needed to install a dab aerial I thought quite long and hard about where I should locate the aerial and eventually settled on the area just behind the driver's seat. As the car is mainly plastic I decided it didn't really matter exactly where I placed the aerial as there should be good reception in most upper areas of the cabin so I ended up using the self adhesive aerial strip to attach it to the plastic work just forward of the rear view window. Then I hid away all the wiring behind the plastic trim and used the aluminium chassis as an earth.





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Experimental headlight upgrade...

After some searching I've found a couple of brands of so called upgrade bulbs that profess to be both more powerful than standard halogen bulbs but also give a much purer white light output.

The lotus manual says you are able to swap out the bulbs by just putting the steering at full lock and removing the forward section of the wheel arch liner. I feel that this is a tad optimistic!

In order to access the area in a reasonable manor I found it necessary to jack the car and remove the wheel. Once this is done it's far more straightforward. The forward trim comes off with 2 bolts and 3 plastic push pins to reveal the rear of the headlight assembly.

The result of the first brand I've tried called Twiss which is available on Amazon is that the output is definitely much whiter but no more powerful. I will update when I try the second set.

If you want to fit a LED type upgrade bulb, I think it can be done but the LED options available come with additional wiring and voltage conversion electronic control assemblies. I'm not sure if all this gubbins would fit inside the rubber boot on the back of the original headlight assembly or if further modifications would be required. Also, most of the decent LED options are considerably more expensive and therefore an expensive mistake if you are unable to make it work well.



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8 minutes ago, Bravo73 said:

Quack, quack. 🦆

Nice packaging too


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15 hours ago, MAG said:

Okay, so there ones are much better, very white and seem noticeably brighter than stock bulbs 😁

Hiya Mark,  Can you please share details? Type. model. price etc.  Would be great to be able to stay out after dark 🤣

...when we are next allowed out.

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Nice - I was looking at those for my Elise, will wait for your performance report.


Out of interest, the fan is now obviously covered by the boot, but presumable its able to generate some air flow from the base of the boot where the cables hang out, do you think that will be enough?

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