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Back to analogue!

In my build thread I've always wanted to be as honest as possible about the products that I install on my car and unfortunately I've just had a fairly poor experience.

The product in question was my new AIM digital dash. To give them there full credit AIM in the UK have been supportive and tried their best to fix the problems I have had with the dash so far.

I also know that a lot of people seem to have had zero issues with them and have literally had a plug-and-play experience.

Unfortunately that has not been the case for me, so here I will detail the problems I have had in case it can help anyone else, as I know there are a number of people that have had issues.

The first problem was my HVAC backlighting went out. After making sure I had the latest firmware and a call to AIM, I was advised that they were aware of this problem and a firmware update was in development.

The second problem was trying to upload a new shift light pattern. I wanted them to kick in at 3000 so created a new pattern on Race Studio 3. They uploaded fine and worked but I then had an error light come on where the driving mode symbol should be indicated. 

I called AIM and they said there could be 2 causes. Strangely, it was that I had loaded a boot up screen at the wrong resolution. Or it could be that my dash was set up for the wrong model car. In the menu, it seemed that the right year was selected but to be thorough I reselected that and also changed the boot up screen to the exact 480X800 resolution.

This made the error light go out, great I thought! I then took the car out and the shift lights had stopped working... So I went home and reloaded the sequence. The error light came back on again.

I called AIM and we tried a number of times to create new configurations and load them onto the dash but nothing worked. Eventually they said that it'd would be a new firmware update direct from AIM that would be required so he'd put in a request.

The next issue was that evening when I went to put the car away. I started the car and noticed there was a dead pixel in the corner of the screen, arrrgh... 

And then, after I'd got the car in the garage, I took the key out of the ignition but the dash stayed on, FFS! I tried repeatedly rebooting the dash, reloading configurations but to no avail, it just stayed on. Finally I had to disconnect the battery. As soon as the battery we as re connected it would just power back up again!

Today I have removed the AIM dash and refitted the good old analogue one, which works just fine.

I plan to ask for a direct exchange on the AIM dash and see what happens.


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Sounds like rotten luck. Hope your exchange is trouble free. Your diary of mods is inspiring and your approach always seems to be thorough. Perhaps just rotten luck this time. 

have you settled on headlight bulbs you are sticking with? 

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