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Nautilus blue 350s

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8 hours ago, GFWilliams said:

Looks almost identical to what I managed to do to mine.   You did well not to get carried away and respray the whole car a new colour ;)

you kept that driving mishap quiet George! or was i sleeping when you posted about it?! 🤣

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On 26/02/2022 at 14:34, Edinburgh 111s said:

@MAG looking forward to seeing your solution for the number plate lights. 
I always thought the factory solution looks awful and a real after thought. 

Don't know if it's true, but I was told that was intentional. Story was that as the Exige was always supposed to be be like the road version of a race version of the Elise, they wanted to create the impression of a homologation special, looking like a race car that's been retro fitted with the necessary bits to make it road legal. I'm not completely convinced by that argument, but it makes some sense, and I find the lamps less offensive with that idea in mind.

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Never knew those existed, very smart solution :D


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Hi guys so here is the latest update and how I modified the spitter.

I decided that I wanted a new splitter for the car as the original Alias 23 unit was starting to get a little bit worn, I had repainted it a number of times but it has taken a lot of stone chips and the leading edge was starting to get a bit tatty. I was looking for something a little bit different and liked the look of the 400 series splitters with the additional upright fins. However I did not want to mount a carbon fibre splitter as my opinion is that if you mount 2 grands worth of carbon fibre 3 inches of the ground it's just asking for trouble.

I eventually discovered that Elise shop in Denmark did a fibreglass copy of the 400 series splitter so I took a punt and ordered one. The splitter is made of a single layer of fibreglass rolled over at the edges to create a thicker look. I decided I wanted to mount a rubber lip because I had had one fitted to my alias 23 splitter previously and had been happy with the way it took punishment away from the splitter itself. I also decided that I wanted to reinforce the single layer of fibreglass so ordered a large sheet of 1.5 mm aluminium. I cut the aluminium to shape using the splitter as a template and a jigsaw. The aluminium was bonded to the fibreglass using pu sealant. The fibreglass was then drilled and 3 m tape mounted using primer. 15mm rubber L section was then stuck down to the aluminium and reinforced with M4 stainless steel dome head bolts every 100mm.

The spitter was repainted using resilient plastikote satin black spray paint. In addition u-pol raptor super tough chip resistant coating was added to the leading edge only after masking the rest of the splitter off.


Mounting was fairly easy and all the the mounting hardware was reusable from the alias 23 splitter. There were no issues with hole misalignment.

Initially I thought it may be too much visually speaking in conjunction with the 380 style canards but but I really do like the look now.

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