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How Do You?


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good question.... swiffer? mop? I have yet to figure this out myself...

Modifying esprit's.. now that's fun..

PS... I AM NOT A CERTIFIED MECHANIC.. I Have chosen to help those in need, in the past and must not be construed as being a certified technician.

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As much as you can through the bottom 1/3rd opening, then lift the tailgate and access the rest through the engine vent hole. It's worth the inconvenience to have the glass back. It's the Esprit with the lowest CD and, in my biased opinion, it looks far better than the open tailgate.

"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."

- Mario Andretti

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LOL, I've never cleaned it! Excepth the lower part where I could get my hand under it.


FIERO INDY 500 - BMW 850CI(wifes)

10 sec IMPALA SS - TT C5 VETTE -

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Like Nick says, lower part from the gap at the bottom, rest throught the engine cover hole with the hatch up. You suffer for a week after with a bruised and aching arm. I am always very careful when washing the car not to get any water under there if it doesnt need cleaninig, as cleaning the black paintwork under there is a real killer.

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How do people clean and reach the area under the screen between the butresses?

Isn't that what small children are for now that there are so few chimneys for them to clean?


S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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