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Esprit S3 turbo louvre wanted

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Glad you are still cracking on with this,  I personally would keep your rear screen,  They are 400 bucks to buy new, maybe more expensive to purchase iif the production run comes to a halt.  If you ever sell the car they may want the rear glass because as time goes on folks will be buying the converted cars to put back to factory spec imo.

I take it you gave Mike at lotusbits a shout to see if he had a lourve ?   When you get one,  pink stuff or grip tite it on plus drill the bolt holes also.

Then run some tigerseal round the gap on the outside,  ends up looking very smart .

Just for looks Rob or are you still getting heat spikes ?

May be worth adding mesh to suit your air intake ears while you are at it.




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I dont get much spare time to work on it Dan. Still has no engine or transaxle fitted. I am doing a rear clam conversion and want to lose weight so want to use a lourve or polycabonate instead of the glass.

I did email lotus bits may have to phone them

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Hi Rob

Had forgot that you pulled the engine and box !   I   You could always get rid of the rear quarter glass and replace with a large intake/scoop that sticks out and fibreglass it in,   it will also make the rear clam more ridgid at the same time. 

My main concern cooling wise would always be your radiator angle,  but this is hard to change due to your air ride set,  

 I personally would keep the cut to underneath the body waistline trim on the rear quarter as when the clam is closed the join looks tidy.

You can go plenty of ways with it,  use the tailgate hindges and bond the tailgate to the rear end, so its lifts as one piece ,  or make an ultra light rear end and fit it on lock pins downside it is a pain to remove, 

I did not get chance to weight the rear lourve, but they are actually fairly heavy,  Would be nice if someone could find the mould and just hand lay using a single sheet of glass mat or carbon to make it super light weight.

You can loose a lot of weight of the rear end once you start cutting,  inner arches,  loose the rear bumper. quarter glass etc


Look forward to the progress and pics

I have seen plastic rear screens used on quite a few esprit race cars,  most have massive holes cut out to aid cooling. 






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Hi Dan,

at the rear I have cut just under the waistline trim as I also worked it out as the best way to hid the cut-join, from the side I have cut at an angle behind the filler caps so they can still stay in place.

I am using the tailgate hinges and struts and will bond the clam to the tailgate which I think will work ok. I also plan on using an extra prop to lock it into place when raised like the F40  due to my bonnet being ripped off on a bad windy day! I dont want the same thing to happen to the clam! The rear bumper, valance and rear lower quarters will stay again like F40 style.  Photo shows cuts in red. I thought the turbo louvre was made of abs and light weight? I have lexan sheet would be nice to get that shaped in thermal vacuum to the shape of the turbo louvre. Progress is slow I have not touched it in around 2 years and only just start working on it again.


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I did cut the lexan sheet to size today. The glass is 10kg? thought it was much more and the 5mm lexan is near 5kg so not much weight saved!

The lexan also has flex so will need some vents or slots thermal vacuumed formed into the sheet to stop the flex.

That black bonding which stuck the glass in is a sod to cut away! I used a stanley knife and pallet knife and cut from the inside out.

At least with glass free I can now get much better access to the tailgate and view how to fix it to the clam section.

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