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Exige V6 Air Intake System

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1 hour ago, Revlover said:

I’m really interested in one of these but what’s the latest thought in regards to fitting one to a 380 sport?

I've had one of the latest ones (with the air straightener and ramair filter) fitted to my 380 sport for just over a month now. I've given it a good thrashing on the road,  and it's been faultless. 

There is a definite increase in throttle response,  and the whine from the supercharger sounds great 👍 

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9 hours ago, 3eighty said:

Excellent - have one for my 380 from Imran’s last batch but haven’t got round to fitting yet. Looking forward to it 😀

I managed to fit mine easily from the top without having to take the wheel or arch liner off, as there wasn't any cabling going through the bracket under the airbox

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After installing the new v2 intake I forgot to connect the maf plug to the maf when I started the engine. The dashboard went off and reset. I now had this a few times, car not starting and resetting and even on the high way a reset. 

What should I do, have Lotus clear the fault code then it should be OK or else? 

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@PJ - the car should start without the MAF connected; but will run rough.  From experience I know that running the engine just a few seconds without the MAF (it is quickly clear something is not right) doesn't even throw a code.  All should be OK after you plug in the MAF.

If there is a persistent code, you can read it and clear.  You can also try 5 key on/key off's without starting the engine to see if it clears any non-persistent code.


The dash issue shouldn't be related at all.  Albeit very strange that it now occurs after your mishap on the MAF.

Didn't you have the V1 of the CAI installed?


On a non related side note, good to see that air straightener is now part of the V2 design 😉

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typo's etc.... early morning still...
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Hi Kristof, 


Yes when I did the installation I forgot to connect the cable to the sensor and started the engine, which did not came on (click click sound like the battery is down, which it was not) and my dash did some sort of reset. I then noticed I forgot to connect the cable, re attached and then all worked again to my relief.. 

I'll have a go to 5 times switch the ignition and the disconnect the car battery 30 minutes and do a code reading and reset coming week. Let's see if that does the trick as I never had this issue before so should be the fix.. 

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50 RWHP from an intake ..... that's a new world record!  LOL. 🙄

Happy Holidays to all!

2008 2-Eleven
2015 Exige V6 CupR
Track videos ...
2010 Lotus Challenge Series ULTRA Class champion
2012 Lotus CUP USA OPEN Class champion

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On 27/12/2020 at 01:43, MrD said:

@Leo Exige not that it matters but simply out of curiosity, what was the bhp figure? Did you achieve the quoted Lotus output?

So faraway from 350HP... Not even close, Now I've got 260HP on wheel at 6114RPM with Imran's intake, I guess maybe the ECU cut the power due to the front wheels are not moving. And the IPS transmission have much more drivetrain loss than the manual. The other stock IPS exige only got 209HP on the same dyno.

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Hi everyone - does anyone know of a intake kit that'll fit a Exige 410 - I'm keen to hear more supercharger music whilst benefitting from a few extra ponies?  I've tried Komotec but they'll only sell their carbon airbox  as part of the EX475 package and I dont want to go this route until the cars out of warranty.

Cheers 🙂


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