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Robert Weber

OEM Chargecooler Wanted

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Improbably, the intercooler on my '94 S4 is leaking. I'm told by many who know better that this just never happens, but I've discovered coolant inside the plenum of my car (along with drippings on the side of the block). The coolant manifests itself under higher rpm's and boost, so my suspicion was that as the pump increases speed/flow/pressure....leakage occurs.   Sure enough, upon removing the chargecooler, filling the 'intake' side with water and applying air pressure to the 'coolant' side of the chargecooler, bubbles appeared.  There's no repairing these chargecoolers from what I understand. 

I am in need of an OEM chargecooler in the event someone has one or knows where to source one. Seeking to keep the car original, I'm really not interested in an aftermarket unit unless I have no choice.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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