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Hello all,

I collected my car from car service on Thursday morning, and since then (writing this on Saturday morning), I've had 3 incidents of things not working as they should.

1) When I started the car on Thursday morning at the garage, the engine didn't turn over straightaway, like a 2 second paused then it turned over and sprang into life. I didn't think much of it.

2) Coming back home from work on Thursday night, I was driving along and all the lights (external and dashboard) completely switched off. This happened 3 or 4 times. It seemed like it happened when I put on the main beam, so I drove back without main beam.

3) Friday night test drive to a petrol station. The car wouldn't start in the petrol station, wouldn't even turn over. I was sure it was a flat battery issue. The Green Flag guy came out and was very good. He did nothing and the car just started (with that slight pause noticed in 1 above). He felt around a bit and thought the plug to the starter motor was a bit loose so tightened it up. Battery testing confirmed the battery was good. So I guess I have some electrical gremlins?

Just started it now (Saturday morning) and it's started on the button as it usually does. I'll get the garage who serviced the car to have another look.

I guess it makes sense to get the garage to check the car over and replace the battery as a precaution.

Could it have been a dodgy connection to the starter motor that explains the above?

Thank you,


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Check the spade connector that feeds the starter solenoid; these seem to corrode.  Speaking from personal experience, having spent some hours testing the battery, circuits and control relays, I can attest to the fact that corroded/dry joint on the solenoid will cause intermittent starting problems.

You should be able to reach the solenoid connections through the left side of the engine bay.  The solenoid is located above the gearbox towards the firewall.

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All sorted. Seems like it was loose connection to the starter motor. Got the connection tightened up, and some other connections checked. No problems since 😀

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