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Esprit riddled with asbestos


Recommended Posts subject title is sensationalist and almost click bait. fake news!


what i hope to clarify.....does anyone have a fairly authoritative understanding of what asbestos parts...if any....lotus was using in cars produced from say 1994 onwards. take an s4s or gt3 for instance...any asbestos in brake pads, brake lines, engine or exhaust gaskets...etc.... or had lotus weaned itself away from asbestos by this time?

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From another topic I believe he's looking to import an Esprit to Australia Bazza. 

No idea on asbestos though, but there have been many Esprits imported to Oz with no problems in this respect that I'm aware of. 

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The Australian gov  has seriously upgraded their approach to asbestos especially in classic cars I gather. The law has been there for a while, but now they are enforcing it scrupulously. I gather there are companies in the UK who will certify cars after testing, but goodness knows how much the cost is.

I also will be in the position of taking an Elite S2 to Aus sometime in the future, and am very interested in any first hand info with this.

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18 hours ago, Bazza 907 said:

Presumably this is because you want to get some money out of Lotus? 

Bazza. Seriously? That's your first reaction? 

Yes gents - I am looking to import an Esprit into Aus. And yes, our laws have changed significantly.

my greatest challenge is that...well, most public servants in Australia are utter buffoons, and incapable of either independant or moderately intelligent thought. And so recently we (Australia, courtesy of our federal Government) introduced one of those policies that is likely intended as a trade barrier, more so than some ill-guided attempt at virtue. with any other police state that pretends not to be a police state we must still comply, and the risks are heavily against the importer. Many people I know get off 'scot free', but it is still an enormous gamble. I have challenged the relevant department many times and asked them to divulge their 'risk assessment method' (for determining which cars to demand evidence from, and which to audit) - but like the imbeciles they are they simply point to the stated policy and say 'there you go...stick to that'.

Hence......something as authoritative as possible would be good. Surely someone out there knows the details of Lotus manufacturing materials in the 1990's. Don't you all? Surely this is fireside chat material....

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This makes for interesting reading, and I have first-hand experience of this type of Aussie Customs bureaucracy……….

Earlier this year I sent a brake conversion kit to Australia. I've sent kits all over the place, including USA, New Zealand and Europe, but this was the first time I'd ever experienced any hold-ups, or issues, with Customs.

The package was on a 3-5 day delivery, it actually took 47 days before it was released by Australian Customs, who, despite repeated requests, were reluctant to say why they had sidelined it. Finally, they caved in, and one of their demands included a declaration that there was no asbestos contained in the package, which I found decidedly odd at the time, given how long it is since the substance was effectively outlawed. After I provided proof, they held on to it for another week or so, before finally releasing it for delivery. Oh, I forgot, they also wanted a tidy sum for import taxes before release, too.

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Hi all 

Just had a asbestos awareness  course and got talking about asbestos in classic cars told them about the heat shield on top of the rear shock absorber they agreed to test it so went and got a is asbestos full of chrysotile could also contain amosite. There keeping the sample for training as it was heated making it harder to identify. So if you have to handle it make sure you wear a mask.

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Funny enough... Lotus borrowed my Esprit in January for asbestos testing. They were only testing the door assembly. Lotus had the paperwork that proved their cars didn't have asbestos, but they were being sued, along with pretty much all other manufacturers, so they had to have an independent lab do the testing. And they used my car in Colorado.


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Based on some of the car fire pictures that we have seen on here, I would suggest that not much asbestos is in a Lotus?

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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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