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Engine Check Light ON

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After doing a few jobs, (gearbox seals) resolving other issues (minor) taxed the car ready for some miles/smiles in July....or so I thought.

Start engine, pump primes, fires up easily and settles after a few seconds jacked up rpm and decays to 900 or so rpm

Oil pressure good, fuel, clock gauges all good however Check engine light "ON"

No misfire, bad or poor running but in addition .....ABS light going on and off.  Solid brake pedal so nothing untoward there ..........out for a drive and no obvious fault. After a few more blinks from the ABS warning fully extinguished but still check light ON.

Return back to base  - lift deck and disconnect negative battery terminal. Leave for 5 mins and reconnect.

Engine fires up as before but still engine check light ON.

Bit bewildered as there is no loss of performance, misfire etc etc 

Car lives outside so brake discs usually show surface rust after rain etc. Rear discs not pitted but surface rust marks so kinda wondering if the ABS warning light and Engine check light are linked or possibly a bad relay, earth etc etc 

Any advise most welcome.






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Seems I might have been right but if the ABS sensor would cause a Engine Check light is questionable - Laptop on charge so V8 scan may tell me more



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Thanks Mike

I think next time I have a fault I will leave at least a week before i ask for assistance.

Plugged in V8 scan ......nothing reported but cleared PIDs that were not there anyway and engine check light now out. Quick blast this evening ( oh these cars are good when they are running right) and temp gauge showing about 85 - 87 degrees C which is a bit lower than usual ......maybe instruments a bit slow responding or even battery starting to suphate or something which may explain the ABS, Check engine light etc etc  

As a side note - have managed before (4 years ago) but does anyone know how you save read data from V8 scan as there is no drop down menu to save etc etc







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