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Positive words from Harry Metcalfe

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Nice to see.😎 “Harry’s Garage” vid to follow.  

Great video from the King of youtubers for middle aged men.  I did think mentioning the 410 in the same context as a Renault Alpine was perhaps a bit disingenuous to the Lotus as I would view the

Video now posted here:  

Harrys videos are proper videos for enthusiast, easy to watch,  and done to share his knowledge and passion..  clearly doesnt need the money..  loved his road trip to antibes to collect his outboard motor in the front of his testerossa just brilliant use of front boot space..


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Very good vid from Harry. It is amusing to see his opinion evolving as he drives. Initially he has some qualms about the price/value and feels that the cabin is under par..."at that price Lotus are playing with the big boys..." After a few moments driving Harry is increasingly impressed. Interesting that for comparison he is using an Alpine A110 initially.

Summary                                                                                                                                                                                                    *exceptional sound, as good as a GT3   *fantastic gearshift   *good performance   *great handling   *ease of use much less compromised than expected   *good looking   *All controls intuitive and beautiful to use (clutch a little heavy)   

Harry weighs the car...1355kg.  Says an R8 and the new Porker 9 are heavier and have lost that driving "essence" 

Harry backtracks somewhat, says the value is there. Emphasises the genuine hand-built rarity. Also, says after a decade on sale the Evora has been continuously fettled, and it shows very positively. Cheers Harry.



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Always hard to judge as I don’t regularly drive any other manual car now, but my (series1 S) clutch feels very comfortable.

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On 16/07/2019 at 08:30, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

Also how anyone with a Lamborghini Countach in his collection can complain about a heavy clutch pedal...

I had a chat with the very nice Mr Metclafe yesterday and told him you'd said this. He did smile!

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Id only seem the first half of the vid but the second half was great.

Genuinely seems to enjoy the car.

Sounds like hes talking himself into buying one




"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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He really did enjoy the car, although did he say 3 litre V6 🤨

Have driven those same roads a fair few times in the 400 

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On 17/07/2019 at 18:51, mik said:

He's had a 60's Elan (from new I think) and more recently an Esprit, so why not?

He was driving this '72/3 reg Sprint on Tuesday and said that he'd bought it in 1993 so not had that from new...but clearly happy being a long term owner.spacer.png

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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Harry had a 340R from new. When Evo did the 100 best drivers cars ever, the little Lotus came.....2nd to......a Zonda. I think Harry owned both of them at the time and was the Editor but I'll take it.

Bizarrely, he sold the 340R in I think 2014. I know the current owner. 

I do wonder if Harry is a real Lotus devotee, I reckon he is, but has to big up the obvious stuff as it sells mags when he was at Evo and gets hits for vids. I know he don't need the dosh but I think he likes his vids to be viewed heavily.

I have driven a few F words and Stuttgart metal...I'll take a Lotus any day, be it Excel or 430 or Elise or.....


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