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I’m on the Isle of Man so the location is no good for you. But I paid £3,500 about 10 years ago.

It was a proper job though. Windows out.. bumpers, bonnet, tailgate, doors all off, taken right back to the base coat (dry sanded) and painted and lacquered with a tonne of lacquer.

I’m very pleased with it.

I changed from the original pearl white colour as it was just impossible to match and I was tired of my car being about 6 different colours, especially under sodium street lighting. Plus, if you’re spending all that money it’s nice to see a big change.

It’s now Ford Panther Black. Sounds cheap, but It’s a really nice metallic rich black, with blue and red flecks that show up in the sun. And more importantly, it’s an easy colour to find and match in the future! You can even get cans of it from Halfords. :)

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I suppose the questions are: 

How far are you prepared to travel? How much do you want to spend?Is it a full or part respray?



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