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Se Cut Out Nightmare!

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Wonder if anyone can give me some clues to why my 1991 Esprit SE has suddenly developed a running problem? After experiencing no previous running problems whatsoever I was driving the car the other day when after 20 minutes into the journey the car started to misfire badly I continued as best I could (wouldnt rev) but about a mile later the car broke down completely! When the breakdown guy came approx an hour and a half later to put it on the truck to my amazement it started fine!? Not convinced this was just a one off fault that had cured itself, once back at my place of work, I left it running, and low and behold the car cut out after ticking over for about 10 minutes. I removed one of the ht leads and put a spare spark plug on the end to which there was no spark once the engine was cranked over. But there was power to the coil pack. after numerous plug/relay /sensor/ connection checking, the car still wouldnt start, but if left for about two hours it would start and run fine again. I think it would be safe to say this must be an electrical problem? does anyone have a clue what it might be ? I was told to check the crank angle sensor? Is something breaking down due to heat or load?

Regards Iain.

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similar problem on my everyday car a while back was a corroded inside fuel pump relay, that got very hot and melted its little contacts.

crank sensors can go duff, never touched my esprit one saying that (every other bloody sensor)

as theres no spark and power to coil pack, maybe it is a sensor and the crank pos. one sounds fave.

perhaps it gets hot with the heat of the engine/box, then cuts out, cools down, restarts.... stranger things have happened....

SU fuel pumps spring to mind..

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Also double check your vacuum line to the MAP sensor....the line originates near the fuel pressure regulator. A disconnected line will result in severe hesitating...kind of like hitting boost cut. Car will idle terrible.

Eliminate all vacuum lines first as the culprit.

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Thanks for the advice guys, after much discussion with the esprit experts, they too have short listed the crank angle sensor, but peter at PNM told me to short the terminals a&b on the diagnostic link plug in the engine bay relay box, this then gives a series of flashes via the check engine light on the dash,which translates to the fault codes the ecu has stored.after this excercise is complete I have a code 12 and 22. Does anyone have any answers to these two code numbers?

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Hi when the engine is running the check engine light is not on.

I've had a problem with my 1990 SE, having similar problems (no revs, bad freescan readings, sometimes no problems at all ...)

In my case, it was the ECM (computer) that was faulty.

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Code 12: this is the indication that the diagnostic mode is operating when you bridge A & B on the ALDL connector.

Code 22: TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) signal voltage low, the sensor voltage dropped below 0.15 V when the engine was running.

It looks like you have a problem with your TPS or TPS wiring. There is a guide on LEW about replacing the sensor, see also Service Notes section EMH page 42 & 43.

Hope this helps,


Esprit Freak

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