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tom kilner

chassis to radius arm mount replacement

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IMG_20190705_210753.jpg.cf80b4d6c71fda9cd855e9ebd86046ff.jpgA replacement for the tired and split unobtainable metalastic 17/404 chassis bush - cheaper new than buying a used item from lb!


Looks like a DeLorean might be cheaper to fix.

106716 is the magic number.

I love it when some digging pays off!


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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

Arrived next day with free postage 😀deloreango!

I bought some familiar looking snubber washers while I was at it, and replaced both radius arm mounts so they are the same rubberyness (technical term?)

I would imagine the decent looking 40- year old one was ready to split in use too.

The rear suspension looks a lot like the esprit - but then it would as it was redesigned by Lotus/Colin Chapman - bodywork by giugiaro.

Looks like they started raiding the lotus parts bins to sort the dmc😁

Puts the boot on the other foot for a change.

I'll try to update the parts spreadsheet.

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