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I went to have a look at this Elite the other day.  Does anyone on here know the car?  It seemed pretty sound but I wasn't able to drive it (lack of insurance) so would like some reassurance.


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S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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So I didn't buy it in the end, not because the car was bad but I chickened out at not having a garage and not fancying having to spend time maintaining it on my drive.  (Never goes down well with the missus.)

What was it like?  Pretty good,  I would say and I was very tempted.  The paint is pretty good.  There is a small chip in the passenger-side front wing and another small mark.  The rubbing strip has been removed but the body has not been ground down.  The interior is very good.  The seats are black leather with yellow stitching which looks nice.  There is no radio and the fan speed knob sticks out more than it should but that is probably just a case of adjustment.  The owner can't get the heater to do what he wants but it does defrost the screen so hasn't spent an awful long time on it.  The tailgate release handle is broken but the cable is intact so you can open the tailgate which needs new support struts.  The owner said the foam pads on the chassis had been replaced with a type of plastic so they didn't retain water and he was sure the chassis was sound.  He gets under it and cleans off any rust and re-Hammerites as needed every year.

Cam belt could do with a change as it is more than 2 years since it was last changed.  There is no electric aerial and its hole in the body has been blanked off with a nut and washer.  For some reason, the glove box refused to open which took the owner by surprise.  The interior lights didn't seem to work and the rear washer pump was disconnected.  Lights don't stay down once the engine is stopped but go down quickly when it is started.

The engine started fine and ran well with no sign of overheating on the test run.  The idle was a bit lumpy but, from the passenger seat, it seemed to run smoothly on the road.  Rode well with no, tired-damper float and seemed to respond well to the steering.  The owner had driven the car down from Warwickshire without incident when he moved a few years ago and he was confident I could have driven it back to Northampton OK.

It does have a glass sunroof but no sign of leaking.

Overall, I would say it would be a good buy for someone who wasn't as nervous as I about taking on a S1 Elite without having somewhere to work on it.

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S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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