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Wiper park position - aero effect

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Making the wiper blade park vertically in the centre of the screen is occasionally done. I’m pretty sure some hot version of the Evora did that, for instance, and it’s not uncommon.  Minimising aero drag the reason. (Let’s stay technical and leave aside possible issues re road use.)

Since first wondering about this, I can’t now ignore the rather substantial wiper assembly on my 250 Cup, in its standard park position standing proud and well into any potential airflow up the screen. Potential is the point. The 250 Cup is an aero-conscious model - there may well be little actual airflow there.

I’ve not been able to find anything about the 250 Cup in a wind tunnel to compare with this link for the Mk2 Elise. it’s interesting anyway, and shows flow from three different angles. Worth watching all the video.


Clearly on the MK2 there is little flow close to the screen in the centre, but see how there certainly is with flow from the side, right where the wiper parks.

Of course the air flow on the 250 Cup could be quite different. Any information or pointers, perhaps from people with “inside” knowledge, would be great. Else should I stick a lot of lengths of string all over the screen?!

Mods, I’ve posted this in the Chat thread to start with as it might interest more than those who follow the Interior/Exterior etc thread. If you disagree you will doubtless move it.

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Tim, no technical feedback - not really surprised - so thanks for your interest.

My plan now is to fix short lengths of string along the wiper arm and investigate.  That needs time, a calm day and passenger with a camera. Getting those together won't be immediate - so a chance for someone else to take the glory!   Be my guest, but please do post results here - I will, unless beaten to it.  A range of speeds photo'ed please.  And with the hard top on for my interest, though others may differ.

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The Elise design team, Thomson and Rackman, wanted the 90s Elise to have a centrally parked wiper. Mr Rackman was responsible for sourcing the Citroen AX single blade system. Legislation or other problems overruled the idea.

The S1 Elise has a stunning Dino front wing line that is magical to view from inside. The parked wiper obliterates this near side wonder-view and I have often pondered reverting to how our heroes intended the blade to be.


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