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tom kilner

oil pickup mystery

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Here we have the 911 engine from a lotus Talbot sunbeam:IMG_20190712_175129.jpg.b19fe86b0894f28eb8bb79c5f6aa8bc6.jpg

As I understand it:

This block had the wider bearing carrier of the later 2.2 litre lotus engines (912) to strengthen the main bearings for the higher power output.

The 911 sump is at the back of the engine so won't clear the chassis - Unfortunately the 911 block won't take a 912 sump.

My car has a plate bolted on to fit the 907 sump - at the right end.

So the oil pickup looks like it's in the right place for the 907/912, but I don't see the other pipe in the manual or other photos - looks like an oil return pipe maybe?

Here's a 912 - I think:20190713_200840.jpg.ad6ca45353f18b96089b78447087ada6.jpg

And here's the manual picture,  an early 907?IMG_20190713_200907.jpg.2c53e7694aec4c3311c2ecb99da93af5.jpg

There's a strap like thing at the bottom there,,  and the oil pickup looks like it's under the next big end

As I'm swapping the block to a 907, I might need to lose or gain some components here - suggestions and interpretations welcome!

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Tom, if you look here, page 6. 

Scroll down to the engine shots and you will see several that show the oil pick up and return pipe and location.  Might help you make some more sense of it?

This might help as well


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I remember the creature well! I In comparison my engine interior was a lot less tarry.

I was also studying your excellent pictures before disassembly - there were about 1000 oily bolts holding it together. I haven't broken anything yet - that i know of...

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Yes indeed thanks peteIMG_20190714_091555.jpg.aaa134816389d7141d842fdc8572c4fb.jpg

Obvious once I removed the enormous "adapter" plate.

My 907 block doesn't have one there.

I think I'm  getting confused with the front and the back ends though - too much looking at the engine from funny angles.

I dream of looking down on an engine in the engine bay.

13 hours ago, eeyoreish said:

The oil pickup pancake filter shouldn't be bolted together, just bonded. 

Indeedy - Closer examination shows a distinctly non- factory assembly. IMG_20190714_090754.jpg.be539390c5bc2eab8c8b525368c3f848.jpg

Thanks guys I'm getting a grip on it.

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