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I like how this topic is currently tagged by the forum as “Hot!”

Can't see anything with those plants in the way

Those long post-retirement days will just fly by.

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Nice to see some chilli growing enthusiasts on here! My last years haul. Will post pictures of this years progress. Don't currently pinch out - does this increase yield significantly?



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Mine arrived in the form of a Christmas table-present in a ring-pull can marked 'Grow your own chillies'. Thought I'd give them a go, although I reckon I should have planted them a bit earlier than April. But as my knowledge of all things green extends to precisely the square root of bugger-all, I'll have to lump it. As for variety, it's a bit confusing. On the tin it said they're hot bombs, but then in the instruction leaflet it says they're pimiento, or cherry peppers (which Google says are not hot). Truth is, I've no idea what they are!

The issue I have at the moment is that despite me thinking they need all the heat and sun they can get, in reality, they don't, which I confess to being somewhat surprised about. Their leaves wilt in direct sun, and if I don't open up the plastic greenhouse, the same thing happens as the heat builds up in it. Ironically, the last four seeds which took an age to germinate are in the conservatory and doing a fine job of catching the other plants.

I found out an old school friend of mine has been growing chillies for years, he told me his sometimes wilt, too. He also told me that hotter varieties are more difficult to grow, with less of a success rate, and he has one Carolina Reaper plant which he says you can't do anything with, because it's so hot. He's contented himself with cutting bits of chilli of it and shoving it into his mate's sandwiches at work, which he says is hilarious!

All the plants are about 35cm tall now, and I'm wondering what I'm going to do with them because they're out-growing the greenhouse. It's worse than having kids, I tell you.

Margate Exotics.

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