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Delco-Moraine ABS - what I learnt / problems / solutions

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Having finally sorted out my brakes in my S4S I just wanted to note a few things that might help others. This is not to discuss how terrible the brakes are ( they might be, but they work!)

 I also want to keep the car as stock as possible and where I live it is very difficult to change brake systems legally - possible but difficult.

I also want to thank Ian Lord et al. for the fine ABS delete servo brake system - I bought the kit as a back up for the future if and when I can no longer keep the original system. It is a very complete and well fabricated unit and part of me is dying to use it!

Being a trusting sort of person and geographical distance found me I buying an S4s off someone who probably was not that honest with the truth - but the relevant part to this post is he had put a small square of black tape over the ABS tell tale - nice!  Whats worse is I paid for a pre-purchase inspection from a very reputable lotus service garage and they did not pick up on this and a lot of other fairly easy to spot common and costly faults......all rectified now gladly.

The ABS was the most frustrating and every time I thought I had it licked the little light would flash on and my heart would sink!

Things I learnt : 

1. Your ABS pump should come one after every 8-9 pumps......maybe 5 at the least.....any less than this and you have a problem

2. Bleed the brakes really, really, really well. And keep bleeding the master cylinder if the pump is running too frequently - Depressurise system, ( ~40 pumps until it goes hard - ooooh!!) and then loosen both nuts until fluid flows (stop it!!) leave the brake depressed and then tighten them back up and then do a few fast hard stabs on the brake. I had to do this a few times after replacing parts. 

3. If still problematic you probably need to replace the pressure switch - this is the most common part failure - I tried to clean mine but it was no help. I bought the replacement unit from lotus marques ...... although its completely different by appearance its bloody good and Steve Taylor is very responsive by email - he also does a fantastic water pump refurbishment . 

4. Next on the list of culprits is the accumulator ( the bastard black bulb) I bought a land rover one STC2784 - although its half the price and it works (sort of) save your money as the neck on it is different and with out modification you get a slow fluid leak..... get the lotus part. 

I don't know how long until it gets kooky again but hopefully not for a while.

I just bought a V8 also so I will compare the brakes on that to the S4S..........




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Update - I got the wabco accumulator ( Land Rover part) working without any leak by using a slightly thicker o ring 


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