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R12 A/c Charge Oil

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I'm installing a new compressor and receiver/dryer on a buddy's Esprit A/C system. How much and when does one add oil to the system? I've charged my system before but have never needed to add oil. I have a 4 oz can of R12 oil. Any info would be appreciated.


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First you would pull a vacuum for at least 30 minutes...(longer is preferable) to get all moisture and contaminants out of the system. If the old compressor died from more than a bad outer seal, make sure the system is flushed as there could be metal particles that could either clog your new receiver/drier, or worse kill the new compressor.

Once you have the vacuum, you would add the oil via manifold gauges or a a charging hose, then add the freon after that.

Some good a/c info related web sites....

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