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ABS accumulator - any luck with the Wabco unit?

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having mostly sorted my ABS brakes the last problem was a slow leak at the threaded join on the accumulator bulb. 

I had purchased a £90 unit that was for a land rover I read would work....and although it screws in ok the threaded neck bit is different and I wonder if that is why there is a slow leak?

Thinking I would kick for touch I ordered the unit from SJ ( at £300 including postage 😳) and I was disappointed to find the same wabco unit turned up - damn. 

Anyway can't do much about my stupidity- should have asked before purchase.

Has anyone got these to work with out leakage?

The rover one had an o-ring the "lotus" one does not have one - should I use an o-ring or not?

thanks for any help



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I have sorted it - have used a thicker o ring than the purple one supplied.   Wish I had tried this first!   Anyway I have a brand new accumulator for sale if anyone needs one - comes with upgraded o ring!!!


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On 12/08/2019 at 14:54, stevefh said:

Hi Alastair, without machining the shoulder could you tell how many threads hold it on?

I just tried in the pressure gauge side (I have the same special tool visible in these videos and the wabco unit would hold by just one thread, whereas the original delco unit holds by three threads.

I am not sure how many threads would hold it in the alloy port but I don't like that the idea of it being much shorter than the original, so I will have to machine the wabco unit.

(what did you do in the end?)

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22 hours ago, stevefh said:

So can anyone answer these questions?

As I said it's two full threads less on the Wabo accumulator than on the original Delco one
Which is only one thread holding it in the official gauge (one versus three).

@pureguava now reports it's 1.5 thread in the pump casing so it's quite similar to what I measured in the gauge.

I reckon it's too low to be reasonably safe, so I would advise you to have it machined.

As for the oring I bought a 11x2.5mm EPDM 70 shore one (EPDM is all right in the DOT 4, the NBR/Nitrile isn't) as I couldn't source an EPDM 7/16x3/32 one (the one suggested by @pureguava). I ordered it from there: (ultra fast shipping, ordered at 4:30pm, got the parcel the morning after!! Oo It was from France to France though, so obviously you will have a better option from a UK website or local store)

I cannot confirm it doesn't leak yet since I have not used it but once on the wabco accumulator the external diameter is only slightly larger than the old/used oring on the original delco accumulator. So I am pretty confident it will be all right.

15 hours ago, pureguava said:

But to be honest I am very tired of this system.

I know its reputation but I would be curious about what is still bad on your unit? (as for me I never tried it in a good functioning state so I can't tell ... I should experience it soon now as all should be nominal now)

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I don't know as it has been machined this afternoon and I haven't seen it yet.

Apparently it should be the same or even a tad more than the original Delco accumulator (I would have preferred it to be "exactly" the same but unfortunately I couldn't be present when it has been machined by a friend of my father)

I will see and test it this weekend.

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I haven't had the time to fit it in the pump housing for various reasons but I still tested the new machined Wabco accumulator in the pressure gauge and it holds by just a bit more than three full threads, so even a little more than the original Delco. As I said I used a 11mmx2.5mm EPDM 70 shore o-ring and it doesn't leak at all (it's currently at ~2225 PSI)

The only downfall is once machined the hex spanner is too thick to be put on the remaining hex "head" of the accumulator as it's not pretty thin and the gauge has a large hex port which is directly against the sphere. I think the pump housing is thinner though, so maybe a hex spanner could still be fitter. I will report when I install it next weekend ... (so far it's only hand tight in the gauge, so much less than manual torque setting. But I will install it with thread sealant/lock anyway, so I don't think it really matter if I really can't put a spanner on it. And to remove it again in a while if needed I think a chain spanner would probably work)

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On 06/10/2020 at 01:16, Giniw said:

I think a chain spanner would probably work)

A chain is too thick as the accumulator is very close to the pump body => not enough clearance for a chain.
But a "belt" tool for removing oil filters works.

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