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Distributor Drive

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I have recently replaced the gasket on my Aux Housing, and along the way lost the timing setting.

I wasn't downhearted (at first), as I thought all I had to do was pop the Distributor out while the engine was at TDC on no.1 , see where the rotor arm was pointing, and put the plug leads on the cap to match 1,3,4,2

(I cant seem to do it with the distributor in place, as I can never unclip the dist cap as the clip is virtually touching the cylinder block & my fingers are a good deal thicker (never mind not being 18 inches long & not quad jointed)

No probs..............however, when i put the distributor back without the cap, I found that I could spin the distributor shaft as though it wasn't connected to the aux shaft.

The rotor arm is solid on the shaft, and the probs not there.

I must add that the distributor clamp is flat up to the housing, and the clamp is fixed to the distributor.

It's like the shaft has sheared, but it cant have as I've not touched it - the shaft looks to be solid from what I can tell from the manual. It doesnt split at the oil pump does it?

The pulley sprocket lines up with the other sprockets, so I dont think the shaft has moved.

Any ideas?

I am downhearted now


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I cannot spot anywhere from the manula or parts list, but have attache dthe pages (OK the manual pages are S1 & S2, but same).

Possibly a case of remove it and inspect everything. I'm not sure if the piece of metal that goes across the dissy drive shaft to make it roate is able to be reoved (don't think so from memory), but if it is , has it fallen out when it was all put back together?




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Check out my Thread on Oil Pump removal. It shows the end of the Oil pump shaft, where the rotor sits, & importantly where the keyed end of the Dizzy fits. At least I hope the bit below works.

Oil Pump Removal

I will add a picture of the dizzy for you later.

The need for speed can be found with a Lotus

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as you can see the Dizzy is keyed, & should fit flush with the housing. have you tried looking at the dizzy rotor arm where it fits to the shaft, perhaps the plastic bit that locks it has worn or broken.


The need for speed can be found with a Lotus

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