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S2 Esprit 907 engine coolant in sump?


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I have just pulled the engine out from a federal S2 JPS Esprit its only done 13k miles (Speedo reading) but the engine was part dismantled. It had been stood for many years the exhaust cam carrier had been removed from the engine and the exhaust manifold was missing.


The cam belt was still fitted and it all looks great and all the inside of the engine is nice and every thing looks untouched. So it looks like the cam carrier was removed to fit/remove exhaust manifold.


The car had a single box big bore stainless exhaust fitted and part of a down pipe, so all looks like previous owner was fitting a new exhaust hence why cam carrier removed to gain access?


I have stripped the engine down and I believe the engine is really low mileage and 13k could be genuine. The only issue I have is coolant in the sump which was quite a lot. The oil was nice clean and brown on the dipstick and all the insides look right apart from the oil pickup pipe strainer was rusted due to the water in the sump?


The head gasket fitted was a coopers and looked like new.

Removing all the engine parts just looked original from new and never touched before. So how has the coolant got into the sump?


Either it has leaked in from the base of the liners or the head gasket?


I am in the process of cleaning the block and once all cleaned I will fill the block with water to check the liners.


Anyone else come across this before?

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Check the liner nip which is the amount the liners stand proud of the block. The correct amount of nip for your engine is in the workshop manual. 😊

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John W

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If it was stored in a damp environment with the atmosphere able to get to the oilways (which it could with the cam cover removed) then condensation, or even rain, could be the cause. So, was it coolant (antifreeze and water) or just water? If it's the former then you are looking at what John states, if it's just water then it would hint at head gasket sealing issue such as liner nip.

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Per jonwat's comment, the Coopers head gaskets were notorious for leaking.  It was not uncommon on a cold night for coolant to drip down the exhaust side of the block from the head gasket, but to not leak when it warms up and expands (liners too high relative to the deck).  I wouldn't be surprised if coolant found its way into the sump somehow after years of sitting (i.e. liners not high enough relative to the deck).   (Or the liner nip was/is correct and the gasket just leaked.)    If the oil is brown and the coolant is green and they're not mixed up like chocolate milk, then you know the engine never ran with coolant in the sump and that it happened after it was taken off the road.  

Tony K. :)


Esprit S1s #355H & 454H

Esprit S2.2  #324J

1991 Esprit SE

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