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Now I know everything is about lightness in a Lotus, but after a reasonably long journey in the Evora the stereo is just simply awful.    To sort that its gone away for a rest at the Bide a wee home for Car Hi-Fi.

Plan is to have everything sorted (new speakers, sound processor, custom trimmed to match car and amp with a discrete sub).   Will take some photos and post up.  I'm sure it won't be cheap but the guys I use are geniuses and everything will be trimmed in matching alcantara with the right colour stitching.

They like the Alpine HU but having taken out the speakers did say Lotus choice left a lot to be desired.   Biggest issue is depth of door speakers.



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Nice car and can only agree about the stereo from the perspective of a lowly S1 owner. Nothing wrong with even my older Alpine HU, but replacing the amp, speakers and sub with proper hi fi has made all the difference. 

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Funnily enough I changed to pioneer apple play unit and changed sub/ amp to vibe units 

made a massive difference would like to change door speakers to Focal but can’t afford it for now 

if I purchased a new car at over £80k would like some decent sound system regardless of lotus weight aims 

I know many aren’t bothered about music quality in this type of car but for me it would bug me 

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