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Ev 400 - 3 yr warranty inspection

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Car going in to dealer next Monday for a full inspection as it is now approaching 3 years old and I want to make sure any problems are captured before the Lotus warranty expires.

I already have a list of minor things but wondered if anyone has any guidance on common things to look out for to make sure they don't get overlooked. 



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Heh, well based on my current 3yr experience;

  • Front drop links were in need of replacement,
  • After three years and 15k miles, clutch fluid was dark black,  clutch pedal failed 3 days after 3yr service. So based on that the 2yr brake fluid change must not have flushed the clutch lines, or just wasn't done, or the clutch lines degraded perhaps ?
  • Get a wheel alignment done perhaps if you haven't had one since new?
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Yours must have been built at a very similar time to mine. I had the clutch changed as it had become very noisy and Lotus confirmed it was failing. New drop links as well, otherwise was just a couple of niggles/adjustments. All sorted out by @Hangar 111, though it took a bit of time. Picked it up this morning in fact, it was like collecting a new car! 

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A couple of things need doing on my 400's warranty that you could be forgiven for not noticing.

Firstly, my air on gas has leaked out (again) so the leak needs finding and fixing before they refill it. You don't tend to notice as the cooling performance gradually drops off over the weeks and months. Worth checking with a thermometer to make sure your aircon is functioning as it should.

Secondly, the screenwash empty warning light doesn't work and, for all I know, never did. The tank is so big that I've only ever run out of screenwash once. Try to use up all your washer fluid to make sure that yours works.

Also, the bolts that hold in the front seats have gone properly rusted, with what I assume is just normal condensation inside the car. It's not like the door seals are leaking or the carpets are wet. Lotus would probably just use the same grade of bolt though, so instead of claiming, I got some stainless steel ones and changed them myself.

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